Baby Nursery Painting

We specialize in baby nursery painting - using non-toxic, air-purifying paints, keeping you at-ease and promoting healthy-growth.

Cabinet Painting

Stunning Results – factory-finish cabinet painting. Communicating and clarifying every important step along the way!


Interior Painting with Health & Safety At Our Core. We use LEED certified products, ZERO VOC Paints, and nontoxic cleaning products.

Painting With Purpose

Our Purpose is to Raise Industry Standards To Zero-Waste, Eco-Sustainable and Health-Promoting!

Maintaining A Healthy Home Eco-System

Turnkey Operations

We Use Step-By-Step Systems & Checklists To Achieve Predictable & Stunning Results!

Exceeding Your Expectations

We are determined to help you clearly define your expectations, meet them, and then exceed them, at no extra cost to you!

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Brush & Color is an interior painting and cabinet refinishing company servicing Austin TX. 

Photo of white refinished cabinets

We specialize in baby-nursery painting and cabinet refinishing. We offer all other interior painting services as well; walls, ceilings, doors, trim, stairs.

Our mantra at Brush & Color is “Painting with Purpose", our Purpose is to raise industry standards to zero-waste, eco-sustainable, and health-promoting. We are a team of Artists, whose mission is to make Art:

“Making people feel at ease, at home, productive, and inspired is our purpose in this business. 

Art can be defined as conjuring a feeling, and these are the feelings we are striving to awaken in the people we serve.”

-Nick Painter

Hi! I’m Nick Painter, of Brush & Color, an Interior Painting and Cabinet Refinishing Company. 

I know what you’re thinking; Is that your real name?And the answer is yes! I’ve been a Painter my whole life, and I’ve been painting for 15 years.

I started Brush & Color with a Dream and a Mission:

  • The Dream

    • Transform buildings and homes into health-promoting eco-systems

  • The Mission:

    • Make Art. Make you feel at ease, at home, productive, and inspired.

    • Art can be defined as conjuring a feeling, and these are the feelings we are determined to awaken within the people we serve.