Brush & Color Eco Painting
Brush & Color Eco Painting

Our Mission

Our goal at Brush & Color, as artists and tradespeople, is to deliver a top quality painting service, while being mindful of health and the conservation of our planet.


Mission Driven

"Our goal at Brush & Color, as artists and tradespeople, is to render top quality services, while being mindful of health and the conservation of our planet."

The amount of waste in the construction industries is devastating. The threat to our health that the products and approach to production we use is not something to be ignored.

We believe that top quality service do not have to come at the cost of health threats or harm to the environment. Brush & Color is a team of artists and tradespeople, who are open-minded and a little quirky. We thrive on breaking the norms and stereotypes of an industry seemingly lost in the dark ages. Our focus is interiors, as indoor air pollution has a much larger impact on our day-to-day health.



Nicholas Painter started Brush & Color Eco Painting in May 2017. With over 14 years painting experience, Nicholas got inspired to start the company after long consideration, preparation and research. Prior to starting Brush & Color, Nicholas has worked within the painting industry, as well construction, handyman work and interior design. As an artist, Nicholas also has a knack for attention to detail, fine line work and thought out preparations. 

Since Nicholas was a teenager, he has had a passion for the environment, animals and Art. Raising the standards of the painting industry to zero-waste, eco-sustainable and health-promoting is Nicholas's mission in life. 

"Making somebody feel at home, at ease, productive and inspired is my goal in this business. Art to me is conjuring a feeling, and these are the feelings that I strive to bring out of people in my work."

-Nicholas Painter



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