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Signs that your Painting Contractors are "milking" the clock

Time. Our most valuable asset. We ultimately have a life long "to do list" and hopefully enough time to get it all accomplished. The goals of our Eco Painting Company are big goals that require precise time management.

There are many ways in the Painting industry to "milk" the clock. Like any job, there is production time, down time and break time. But production time is so important, and during slow seasons, or if the Painters are lacking the proper amount of clients, they will milk the clock. Here are some of the signs that your painting contractor is "milking" the clock. 

First, there's the obvious stuff, like cell phone use, cigarette breaks (yuck!), unnecessary trips to the know, normal stuff people do when they are not actually engaged or interested in their work. 

Then, there's the stuff that an experienced painter who has done a lot of research on time management will see. Cleaning up tools on site. This one is huge. Your Painter is now cleaning their tools on your dime, usually taking about an hour! Not only is tool cleaning on site unprofessional, it also wastes hundreds of gallons of water.....A DAY! We are an Eco Painting company and water conservation is a critical role in our business plan. 

Now, on to production. There are so many tools and techniques to painting. Some are very practical, while some are being misused right in front of you. If you notice your painting contractor using a 9" roller (that's the one that everyone uses) for the entire job, you are being robbed. This will make the job take twice as long as it should take. An 18" roller should be used for pretty much every room. It makes the job so much faster and applies a much more even coat. Now, there are times when a 9" roller makes sense, like a hallway and around door jams and in the kitchen, but if you see a 9" roller being used on your big walls, call somebody, or fire your painting contractor.  "The right tool for the job" comes to mind. In the painting industry, there are a few different sized brushes as well. Brush work can take up a lot of time. It is so important to the outcome of the final product. An amateur painting contractor, for example, could take an hour painting one door! I've seen it! It should take ten minutes a side, TOPS. Now, we have to understand that everybody has to start somewhere and learning is a critical part in becoming successful and delivering a quality product, so we have to use these signs to our discretion. Do not just assume everybody is out to rob you! But don't put all of your trust in somebody you don't know. There's a fine line, and I want you to be aware of some of the small things that go unnoticed by clients, where a Baltimore Painter could actually be taking advantage of you. 

Brush & Color is a mission driven Eco Painting Company. We charge an hourly rate of $45, and in that time we are making a promise to you to do the work as a professional, with the proper training and knowledge of the tools being used. And we do not charge for break time, clean up time, smoking time (there is no smoking time), phone time and "drive to the store for no reason" time (we don't do that either). So you are essentially paying the same price for twice the amount of work as a typical painting contractor. 

We also want you to be happily surprised when the final check is lower than the estimate. So we "round up" when doing an estimate, while trying to be within the 200 dollar range. We do free consultations and will schedule a meeting when the time is right for you. We do not want any surprises or to waste any paint or any time during production, so we like to be detailed and take our time to learn about your space. 

"You cannot add more minutes to the day, but you can utilize each one to the fullest." 


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