interior painting contractor austin texas, cabinet refinishing, interior painting

Cabinet Painting – Transforming Your Cabinets

interior painting contractor austin texas, cabinet refinishing, interior painting

Cabinet Painting in Austin, TX can transform a kitchen in the matter of days. It is a great alternative to replacing your cabinets. Moreover, the trend of cabinet painting in Austin, TX has stood the test of time, and still appears on the covers of magazines across the country. They can look stunning and transform a room – if they are done correctly. The traditional way to paint cabinets was to brush and roll them, which can look messy and unprofessional. Many improvements have been made in the products available to paint your cabinets.

“The System is the Solution.” – AT&T

Cabinet Painting is a challenging project to do yourself and expect stunning results. Brush & Rolled finish onto cabinets is the preferred method of a diy’er – not giving you that factory finish that is expected. At Brush & Color Eco Painting, our Artists and Technicians¬†use spray technology as well as high performance, LEED-CERTIFIED products, producing stunning results that are safe in your home.¬†

At Brush & Color, we believe in a system-solution for Cabinet Painting.

For cabinet painting in Austin, TX, our turnkey system includes 19 step process:

  1. Label each cabinet door/drawer face.
  2. Remove Cabinet Hardware
  3. Transport Cabinet Doors
  4. De-grease all Cabinet surfaces
  5. De-Gloss all surfaces
  6. Patch any “dings and dents”
  7. Sand all surfaces
  8. Clean
  9. Prime all surfaces, Cabinet doors and drawers
  10. Let Dry Overnight
  11. Buff sand
  12. Prime
  13. Buff sand
  14. First coat top-coat
  15. Let Dry Overnight
  16. Buff sand
  17. Final Coat
  18. Safely Transport Cabinet Doors & Drawers
  19. Safely Reinstall Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Our technicians work in a fully masked and protected area on your cabinet doors and drawers. Kitchen and/or Bathroom Cabinet shells are brushed and rolled on-site using a fine-finish brush and a microfiber fine-finish roller, leaving a near-perfect finish.

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austin texas interior painting contractor, cabinet painting, interior painting

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