Brush & Color Eco Painting
Brush & Color Eco Painting

Commercial Painting

Brush & Color offers commercial painting and handyman services. Offices, Restaurants, Building Maintenance, etc.



  • Getting your commercial building painted is vital for a healthy environment. We offer Air Purification painting, which has a direct correlation with cognitive function.
  • A restaurant with a freshly painted, "normal" paint job tends to ruin the appetite and mood for a nice meal. With Eco paint products, and professionals familiar with them, you can have a paint job complete and no wait time to get rid of the lingering odors
  • Our Handyman Services will assemble your cubicles, replace your microwave and paint the whole office!


  • Indoor air pollution is no joke. 

  • Not only do we use paints that do not contain air pollutants, we also use paints that PURIFY the air in your building! Creating a health promoting environment in your building will only have positive effects.

  • Studies have shown that healthy air quality indoors can improve cognitive function, which could raise spirits and production in the work place!


  • With Science and Technology on our side, developments have been made in the painting industry to produce quality, health promoting paints, that last longer than the "normal" paints. While being only slightly more expensive, these paints cover more square footage per gallon, take less coats, and need treatments less often. In the end, you are actually paying less when choosing premium products.


  • We want to build a lifelong relationship with our clients and that's why Brush & Color Eco Painting offers 1 hour of free touch ups each year. If you experience any minor damages to your paint job, give us a call! We would be more than happy to catch upWe service Austin, TX!



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