What is Eco Painting? I hear that question a lot. Let’s break it down. Ecostands for Ecological, which is the advocacy for the preservation and protection of the environment. Painting is the art of using paint for decoration, in this instance. Basically, Eco Painting is an approach to painting your building or home that is NOT harmful to us or to the environment. We use green products, organic paints, No VOC paints, ZERO VOC paints, allergy safe paints & baby safe paints!

Eco Paints are on the same quality scale and price scale as “normal” paints without any threats to your health. Now, when having a choice between the two being equal price and quality, but one having no harmful effects or bad smells, headaches, or having a negative effect on cognitive function, which would you choose?

So, choosing Eco Painting is a no-brainer, we can now see that.

While being mindful of waste and theconservation of our planet, we also have painting techniques that save time and make for a beautiful finish.

We view painting a wall as an art form….your walls are our canvas. Every brush stroke and every roll is executed to make the most attractive finished product. There is an extreme flood of “Pirate Painters” out there, starting a painting business solely because it takes little capital and it’s an easy way to make a quick dollar, while having no skills or training at all. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. And yes, you do have to start somewhere. But to me, it shows when somebody has the “a job’s a job” mentality. In painting, it shows in your home or commercial building! As painters, our actions can be a direct relation to somebody’s feelings towards you. Now that can be a heavy burden to some, or an excitement. It excites me. I want to make you feel so much pride and be care free about your walls, it is so important to Brush & Color.

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” -Winston Churchill