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Nicholas Painter


Nicholas started Brush & Color in May 2017. With over 14 years of painting experience, Nicholas was inspired to start the company after long consideration, preparation, and research. Nicholas has a background in not only painting, but also construction, handyman work, and interior design. As an artist, Nicholas has a knack for attention to detail, fine line work, and thought-out preparations.

Since Nicholas was a teenager, he has had a passion for the environment, animals, and Art. His mission in life is to raise the standards of the painting industry – zero-waste, eco-sustainable, and health-promoting.

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Caleb McKelvey


Caleb joined the Brush & Color team in 2018, and he's in charge of maintaining this website.

Caleb is a musician and artist, with a background in environmental science. He enjoys a nice cup of tea, meditative music, and spending lots of time swimming in the various beautiful water features of Central Texas.

If you have any issues with the website, please make sure to drop him a line at me@calebmckelvey.com