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A Dream, A Vision, A Purpose

Brush & Color was born out of a Dream, a Vision, a Purpose and a Mission.
The Dream is to transform the construction and remodeling industries, and to transmute homes into health-promoting eco-systems. 

The Vision is a 5-star rated, turnkey operated interior painting company, run by a team of artists, and grown to a world-class enterprise, with

The Purpose of raising the standards of the painting industry to zero-waste, eco-sustainable and health-promoting. 

The Mission: Make Art. Make people feel at ease, at home, productive, and inspired. Art can be defined as conjuring a feeling…and these are the feelings we are determined to awaken in the people we serve.
First of all we hire artists and create a company culture based on art. The attention to detail and free-spirits of our team is what sets us apart from your typical painting contractors. That and we care about your well being!
The health and safety of our clients and technicians is at the core-center of our company. Nicholas Painter started Brush & Color after some life-altering events, all being related directly to health. Physical and Mental Health are Life. Without Sound Health, we are no match for Time in this game of Life. 
In this fast-moving society that is rapidly advancing and demanding more and more out of individuals, we believe that you should put yourself first, from time to time. And putting yourself first should mean making your home life a top priority. A healthy home life dictates a healthy work life. A not-so-subtle, impactful part of your home life’s well-being is the quality of the eco-system with which you live. Healthy air, good water, great food, and a productive atmosphere. This is the definitive healthy home life. Our indoor air quality at home should be near the head of the list of importance, but sadly it isn’t even thought about. We don’t have the time to remember things as seemingly trivial as indoor air quality…yet it is such a vital factor to living life to it’s fullest potential. 

Creating A Healthy Home Eco-System

Major ways to improve the quality of your home eco-system:
  • Cleaning products — Go Green! Recent studies have shown that the “green" alternatives are just as effective against dangerous germs and infectious disease. Choose an eco-friendly cleaning company, or diy products from your local grocery store. 
  • Air Filters — Do not skimp on air filters, and change them often!
  • Fans — Keep fans running to create a good air flow.
  • Plants — Indoor house plants are a fantastic way to create a healthy eco-system in your home. Maintaining house plants can be tough, but the reward of developing healthy habits is well worth the price!
  • Moisture & Ventilation — Moisture can produce very dangerous, even life-threatening molds in our homes. Be sure to have adequate ventilation and proper humidity indoors. 
Brush & Color was born to serve others and to help improve quality of life. 
Science and technology are rapidly advancing and improving the products and their effects they have on us humans. 
It really is astounding to think we not long ago used toxic, maniac-inducing chemicals to paint our homes! 
Now there are safer option that work even better in most cases.  
Brush & Color's focus is interior painting. Inside your home has the most impact on your health and well-being. Inside your home is where you feel at ease and inspired. We are laser-focused on interiors, your health and inspiration.