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Stress-Free Productivity

Brush & Color uses step-by-step processes and procedures when delivering interior painting services, to ensure stunning results, every time. Our Process: 

  1. Prep is Key

    • Moving furniture – we're happy to move any furniture for you. 
    • Protecting your surfaces – covering furniture, appliances, floors, windows and any other horizontal surfaces.
    • Cleaning – cleaning before and after painting ensures stunning results that last!
    • Repairs – fixing any damages prior to painting. 
  2. Paint Procedure

    • Taping – when painting, regardless or our skill and experience, we tape before brushing where straight lines are desired, to ensure the straightest lines, every single time. 
    • Rolling – we roll all major surfaces (walls & ceilings) with microfiber rollers, which leave amazing finishes, with no hairs left behind!
    • Brushing – Brushing is an art form we take seriously. Each brush stroke is an expression of our passion for stunning results. 
  3. Clean Up

    • We clean our project site daily, and move all tools aside, to ensure you feel at-ease and we are off your minds when we are away. 
    • When the project is complete, you will not need to call a cleaning crew, because we will have beat them to it, for free!
  4. Project Inspection

    • With our checks & balances and inspection system, we hope to not miss any mistakes, but an extra pair of eyes (yours) is a great help. 
    • Our Goal is to meet your expectations, and then surpass them. 
    • Your Interior Painting Project will be completed within the allotted time and to our fullest potential. 

Creating A Healthy Home Eco-System

Some ways to improve the quality of your home eco-system:

  • Cleaning products — Go Green! Recent studies have shown that the “green” alternatives are just as effective against dangerous germs and infectious disease. Choose an eco-friendly cleaning company, or diy products from your local grocery store. 
  • Air Filters — Do not skimp on air filters, and change them often!
  • Fans — Keep fans running to create a good air flow.
  • Plants — Indoor house plants are a fantastic way to create a healthy eco-system in your home. Maintaining house plants can be tough, but the reward of developing healthy habits is well worth the price!
  • Moisture & Ventilation — Moisture can produce very dangerous, even life-threatening molds in our homes. Be sure to have adequate ventilation and proper humidity indoors. 
Brush & Color was born to serve others and to help improve quality of life. 
Science and technology are rapidly advancing and improving the products and their effects they have on us humans. 
It really is astounding to think we not long ago used toxic, maniac-inducing chemicals to paint our homes! 
Now there are safer option that work even better in most cases.  
Brush & Color's focus is interior painting. Inside your home has the most impact on your health and well-being. Inside your home is where you feel at ease and inspired. We are laser-focused on interiors, your health and inspiration. 

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