When Should I Schedule My Next Interior Paint Project in Austin, TX?

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When Should I Schedule My Next Interior Paint Project in Austin, TX?

We often receive calls from homeowners requesting interior work on very short notice.  Short notice to a busy painter could be 3-4 weeks away, and sometimes longer during the summer months.

In Texas, exterior painting can happen almost year-round. Weather permitting, it is best to schedule exterior projects in the early/mid Spring, and early Fall, as the summers get too hot for the painters and not to mention the paint!

So When is the Best time to schedule your next interior paint project?


Planning early in the year is a great time to schedule interior paint projects in Austin, TX. Reserve a spot early, for mid to late summer, when it’s too hot to work outside.

Quite often the call received or an online booking appointment, the homeowner requests work to be performed ASAP. Once they hear from us that our next available time slot for interior work is 4-6 weeks away, their hopes of their room makeover quickly diminishes.
Secondly, be flexible with your schedule. If you need your house painted next week and you’re just now getting estimates, you will greatly decrease your chances of finding and securing a quality paint contractor.
It is important to plan ahead when hiring a paint contractor in Austin, TX. Houses are being built faster than it seems people are moving here, which is very fast. Plan ahead, ask the right questions, and invest in your home. Painting is often overlooked as being an important step in home improvement, but it is the step that is seen the most (everyday) and it protects every step done before it!
Another great time for interior painting projects is in the Winter months, when the rain comes down like snow in Austin, TX.
Whether you want to update your ceiling from that dated popcorn look. Maybe you want to paint your out of style stained cabinets? Perhaps you’re having a baby, and want to get the nursery painted with a non-toxic, health-promoting paint for a healthy, happy and strong baby? Or get rid of that boring red-brick fireplace and give it a nice lime-wash? I am happy to assist you with your painting needs. You can even book an estimate online, it takes less than a minute!
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